Work in Progress – Wk 13/2014

writing man

Trying to get a little focus on production, so I’m going to post each week on what I’ve written.

BOTOXThis week was about 9,000 words on a new Live-Fiction title – Botox Apocalypse.  That means the first draft is complete, and after a read through and edit on Monday it will be going out to beta readers.  It’s also on Wattpad.

I also finished a 400 word “Introduction” to The 17th Man’s new title, Sunshine on Boerewors.  It’s the diary of the recent South Africa Tour, and will be out in ebook shortly.

With a few blog posts (both published and drafted in advance), it’s safe to say I made my 10,000 word target.

Oh, because I have a 10,000 word a week target from now on.

Yikes, that’s half a million words in a year . . . .

Off The Reading Pile

This week I finished Absent without Leave by Paul Livingston.

It’s a memoir style book about the author’s father and his acquaintances as they survived Tobruk and New Guinea in The Second World War.

Funny and familiar, it gives an insight into the ordinary blokes who signed up, as well as what life was like for those who stayed at home in Sydney.


[Read more about it here]


And yes, it’s THAT Paul Livingston.