Live-Fiction Podcast Episode 8

Episode 8

podcast newsprint smallPick Me! Pick Me!

The Campaign Diary You’ll Want to Read!

The inside story of a difficult election campaign

Steve has been roped in at the last minute to contest a marginal seat after the previous member has been “stood down” for personal reasons – personal tax, personal hygene and personal relationships.

The pressure is starting to show – with endless campaign functions, crazy volunteers and his whole future hanging in the balance. Will the next phone call be from the Prime Minister, or just his over-zealous Campaign Director?

Listen to  his day by day diary from the Campaign trail.

Next Episode: Spillage Advanced Smash Repairs Episode 1)(Part 1)

2013 Reading

This is a bit late, and I’m not sure it’s a complete list.  But it will give you an idea of what I read last year.


The Eyre Affair – Jasper Fford

My Life in Shorts – HG Nelson

Eyrie – Tim Winton

The Turning – Tim Winton (and the film)

Men are Stupid, Women are Crazy – Peter Ruehl


The Beam – Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt

Greens, Space Shuttle – Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt

Fat Vampire 1 – Johnny B Truant

Unicorn Western 1 – Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt

The Bialy Pimps (audio) – Johnny B Truant


Writer Dad – Sean Platt

Write, Publish, Repeat – Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt with David W Wright

Let’s Get Visible – David Gaughran

How to Market a Book – Joanna Penn

The Man Cave Cook Book – Matt Thompson

Scrivener for Dummies – Gwen Hernandes

In the Reading Pile

Route 66 – Billy Connolly

Payback – Margaret Atwood

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton

Carry a Big Stick – Tim Ferguson

Under the Southern Cross – Michael Hussey

Absent without Leave – Paul Livingston (aka Flacco)


Advanced Smash Repairs is in Print!

It’s taken a while, but the whole Advanced Smash Repairs series is finally complete, and the paperback is now in print.

It all started in May 2012 when Spillage was first published. My objective was to finish all six novellas by September that year, but various things got in the way.

ASR COver 7Start with Spillage (Episode 1). If you like it, you can jump straight into the entire Series 1 – The “Six Pack” is now on sale in ebook and paperback.

Thanks to everyone who has worked on the books – editing, proofing, commenting, taking photos and helping with design.

As for Series 2 – the story is wide open for another bunch of fun and adventures with Craig and the crew from Advanced Smash Repairs, and I’ve actually started outlining the plot lines for six episodes.