Christmas Cooking

Just one day until Christmas, and today there will be lots of cooking going on. A change in the weather is a relief – we’ve had a few days of close to 40 deg C (over 100 deg F), and keeping the garden, and especially the vege patch, in good condition has been a challenge.

beans webThis bunch of beetroot was picked from the garden late yesterday, perfectly ready in time for one of my favourite recipes “Gee, Your Beet Smells Terrific” by Bob Blumer.  It’s a salad of roasted beets with a tangy vinegrette and goats’ cheese.

Here’s the whole Christmas menu we’ll be cooking up for 13  people:


Sushi (home made, mainly vegetarian)
Fresh spring rolls (again home made and vegetarian)
Asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon slices


Sliced Ham
BBQ Turkey (whole boned and butterflied bird)
Vegetarian Shepherds pie

beets web

Beens and capsicum harvested for the feast.

Squashed Potatoes
Beens and Cherry Tomatoes
Chinese Cabbage Salad
Chick pea, cucumber and capsicum salad
Green Salad


A slice of stollen, topped with a scoop of icecream Christmas pudding and a whisp of pashmak.


Much to do and many presents to wrap, and at least one trip to the shops to be fitted in. Later, I’ll be shooting video at the Christmas Eve musical/service the kids are in, then playing guitar in the Christmas services tomorrow at 9. In between all of that, I’ll be editing the print copy of Advanced Smash Repairs which came back from a friendly proof reader yesterday, continuing production of The Diary of the 17th Man and trying desparately to finish a Christmas themed novella that’s part of the Live-Fiction series, entitiled “No Room in the Bin.” 

Merry Christmas!