From the Desk – November 2013

Unfortunately, this is not my desk

Unfortunately, this is not my desk

So what’s happening in Dave’s Writing World?

The Diary of the 17th Man has resulted in three books, two of which are in paperback.  With the Ashes cricket on in Australia, we’re currently writing daily at is well underway.  There are three books published, with two to come before the end of the year – “Prank!” and “No Room in the Bin.”  There’s also a podcast – the first two books from the series are available now for free, and I’m also aiming to record Spillage as a teaser for Advanced Smash Repairs.

I’m expanding the paperback catalogue, with Advanced Smash Repairs Six Pack in proof and out this year, and The Queensberry Rule next in line.  I’ve also expanded the availability of ebooks in stores, with Live-Fiction, Advanced Smash Repairs Six Pack and The Diary of the 17th Man catalogue available at

And coming up? 

There will be another Diary of the 17th Man book in January based on the current Ashes Tour, and more Live-Fiction novellas and ultimately, collections.  There have been discussions about a sequel (and a prequel) to The Queensberry Rule and another novel with Steve McAlpine called “Warm Honey.”

Happy reading!


Dave C

Live-Fiction Podcast Episode 4

podcast newsprint smallEpisode 4

15 Civic Square (Part 4)

The Project (Part 2)

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You can read this story in “15 Civic Square”, which is available now for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android at amazon (US&AUST/ UK), and at kobo.(where it’s free!)