Get your kicks, on Route 66

After harbouring thoughts of driving Route 66 for a while, a date and a travelling companion have at least now reached the “proposed” stage.

So, that’s Sep/Oct 2016, with James S who will be turning 50 that year.

Why Route 66? What do we want to see?

Actually, we’ll probably be starting in New York and doing the whole trip from East to West. What do we want to do/see?

  • Fallingwater in Pennsylvania (we’re both architecture nuts)
  • Detroit – Architecture in decay
  • Alburquerque – I’ve played in a band called “Left Turn at Albuquerque” for years.  Yes, we need a photo near a sign.
  • It’s a road trip – what else needs to be said?

That looks like a short list, but it’s a list that will become longer and longer as we research and plan the trip in detail.

With James a gun photographer, we’re aiming to produce something – probably a book – of the trip as a momento.

So, join us on the journey as we work towards our dream trip.


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