Coming Up

“Hey, what’s happening with your writing?”

Love it when I get asked that.  Here’s the answer:

– Most time is currently being spent on Diary of the 17th Man.  That involves publishing 500+ words of humour every day, and getting ready to publish the book of the current series as soon as we can in early September.  In ebook AND print.

– Writing “Performance Anxiety”, a long short story/short novella about drugs in sport.  This will be the first story published under the banner of LIVE:FICTION.

– Setting up for the LIVE:FICTION launch.  This will kick off with several ebooks, with an accompanying podcast of story readings followed by print versions of collected works. Read about the vision for LIVE:FICTION here.

On the site, I’m aiming for:

– More movie reviews (Next is Romeo + Juliet)

– the podcast of Live:Fiction stories

– some serialisation of developnig LIVE:FICTION stories.

Hope you enjoy it!