Reading in 2012

I’ve read a lot more this year than last year – partly intentionally, as every writer needs to be reading, but partly due to a period of illness where I was sitting around trying not to be bored.

So, without too much comment, here’s the list in no particular order:

Salmon Fishing in Yemen – Paul Torday

The Guernsy Literary  Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaefer

Taliban Cricket Club – Tameri N Murari (incomplete)

Unreliable Memoirs – Clive James

The Name of the Book is Secret – Pseudonomous Bosch

And the self-pubbed:

MOD – J C Allen and Shirley Hicks

Shot of Tequilla – J A Konrath and Blake Crouch

The Fall of Billy Hitchings – Kirkus MacGowan

Are We Nearly There Yet? – Ben Hatch

Yesterday’s Gone – Sean Platt and David Write

Thy Feifdom Comes – David KO Chin.

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