Margin Call 2

I recently saw Margin Call for the second time and if anything enjoyed it even more than the first time.  You can read my original review here.

Context is everything, and this time around I saw the film as part of what is known as The West Pymble Thinking Person’s Movie Festival.  It’s really just a bloke’s book club, except we don’t pretend that everyone (anyone?) will have time to read a book in the same month – so we eat, watch the film and talk about it.  Our first film was Enron – The Smartest Guys in the Room, adn the third is likely to be MoneyBall.  We’re planning to choose films about business and ‘or ethical issues, to stimulate discussion.

The quality of conversation, both film related and otherwise, has so far been top-notch.  The signs are that the Festival is going to evolve into a supportive and challenging event that will play its part in encouraging those present to be better dads, husbands and business people.

Try it yourself – we can’t recommend it highly enough.




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