Book Launch Event

Dave Cornford and his co-author Steve McAlpine are pleased to invite you to a launch event they are holding for their novel, The Queensberry Rule.
Monday 3 December 5.30 – 7.00 pm
Corner of Phillip and Bent Streets, Sydney.
Dave will speak briefly about the book, and drinks will be on sale at the bar.
RSVP 1 December by email to [email protected]
Bring your e-reading device with you – you never know, you might want to buy the book on the night. Wifi connection available.
If you’ve got an iPad, iPhone or Android device, make sure you download the kindle app.
The Queensberry Rule is a mystery thriller about one man’s search for justice in a world where the “truth” can been manufactured in an instant.
Ebook available soon from

Nearly there!

It’s been five years in the making, but The Queensberry Rule is finished.  It’s back from editing and proofreading, the cover is done and that just leaves final formatting and checking.

What started out as an idea for a film screenplay had ended up as a novel.  The journey of co-authoring a book when the authors live 3,000 km apart has been “interesting”, but thanks to skype, email and dropbox, it’s all worked out OK.

There will be two launch parties in Sydney in early December – details soon.