Financial fiction, anyone?

It’s just about a year since I self-published my first work of fiction, Cracks in the Ceiling, and it’s a journey worth celebrating.

“Financial fiction” is not a well defined genre. Money is something well worth writing about, though, and the last five years have provided a fantastic (in the real and common usage senses) backdrop for fiction.  Crisis! Conflict! Tragedy! Skullduggery!  Collapse!

Cracks in the Ceiling is a collection of  short stories set in the turbulent times of the Global Financial Crisis.  I’ve put together a series of intriguing and at times twisted tales that delve behind the facades of modern life to uncover the real struggles, hopes and dreams of ordinary people.  The eleven stories are hopeful, insightful and at times humorous – something for everyone.

Cracks in the Ceiling is still available for kindle and kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mac and PC at amazon and amazon uk.  $4.99 wisely spent!

What Readers Say

“Beautifully written, this is a book I would recommend highly.” The Kindle Book Review
“These stories really are brilliant and they are perfect for reading on the go or when you just want a quick relax.”
“Real characters and believable stories.”
“The iPod story alone is worth the $2.99.”
“I enjoyed the book and will read it again.”
“The characters were likeable and believable and I was frequently wishing the stories were longer.”

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If you’re interested in more financial fiction, this site has some commentary and reviews – includng a review of Cracks in the Ceiling.

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