How I love my iPad . . .

When someone buys an iPad, I don’t think they’re ever sure exactly how they are going to use it.

Here’s what I love about my iPad, one year on.

  • A calendar that’s big enough to actually use (as a long term frustrated PDA/smart phone addict)
  • Small enough to carry, big enough to read, instant on.
  • Reading a book on kindle app when there’s a spare moment, and having it sync back to my kindle so it knows where I’m up to.
  • Flipboard.
  • Using All Stuck Up for my “kan ban” style to do list, and collecting and organising ideas.  Evernote’s not bad for collecting notes as well.
  • Showing holiday snaps to anyone who dares to ask
  • Oh, alright, yes, Angry Birds.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Reading emails on the train while listening to music
  • Skype.  Had a two hour meeting my skype a couple of weeks, ago – easy and effective
  • Five Stop Story.  A great app with short stories to go, including two of mine.
  • YouVersion Bible App.  Who’s going to read the passage tonight?  Plug the iPad into the stereo, thanks!
  • BoM Radar site, especially when out for the day watching kid’s crickets.  The amateur meterologists going crazy working out when play is likely to be interrupted or resumed.
  • Sharing videos, especially editing work in progress, to talk through changes.
  • AmpliTube.  Guitar amp emulation, effects pedals, programmable – amazing.
  • Aweditorium for browsing new music.
  • ABC iView.  Catching up on something I forgot to record, while not appearing to use the TV.  Oh, and when I remember, IceTV for setting up PVR recordings remotely.
  • Sonos controller – music all around the house at my fingertips.
  • Twitter and Facebook when out and about – useful when in the middle of a book launch.
  • I have been know to surf the web on the iPad while watching TV.  Blokey multitasking at its best.
  • The Woo button.  Just coz.

How about you?

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