The Sound You Don’t Want to Hear

I recently followed the unfolding drama of a friend’s car accident on Facebook.  She lives in another city, and drove across an intersection with a green light, only to be hit by a young provisional driver who was playing loose with the opposing red light.

My friend updated us from the hospital on her smartphone, and it soon emerged that she was tapping it out with one hand, the other having been injured by an exploding airbag.  Cue photo of splinted and bandaged left arm.

Over the last few days, she has recovered, is on reduced painkillers, and is even thinking about what car to buy – her old one is “dead”.  Hopefully the young woman who caused the accident, and wrecked her father’s work car, is also recovering OK.

The idea of writing a series of short stories about a smash repair business came about last year through a chance encounter with an image – it’s on the cover of “Spillage“.  As soon as I saw it, a whole world opened up in my imagination, prompted by the question: “What is a business called Advanced Smash Repairs doing in a run down warehouse?”

It’s a strange business, a place where good repairs get done by people who aren’t quite what you’d expect.  Some of the customers are a bit strange as well – and so are the cars – and that’s where the fun starts.

But thinking about my friend, very lucky to be heading for a full recovery after being off work for a few weeks, it’s clear that the collision repair business has a serious side.  I’ll need to keep that in mind while writing comedy about it!

Spillage” and “Impact” are now both on sale at  Brief synopses and links to buy here.

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