Cover with Impact

This week I’m aiming to finish the first draft of “Impact”, the second short story in the Advanced Smash Repairs series – so I’ve started to mess around with a cover.

I like the photo theme, and the reference to Advanced Smash Repairs in the photo rather than the text.

So, what do you think?  Is the Advanced Smash Repairs text too prominant, not bright enough, or just right?

3 thoughts on “Cover with Impact

  1. “Advanced Smash Repairs” isn’t reading as a series title, Dave. I would look around at other series like yours and see how the book designer balances the title of the story with the title of the series. Good luck!

  2. The balance between the title of the individual book, or episode, and the title of the series, is tricky. The guys in this link are not naming each episode, just numbering them under the series title. (
    I like having an episode title, I think it gives more identity to each book – and I won’t be publishing one a week like they are.
    I’ve got another photo with the ASR title a little less prominent, and also one with it out of fucus and the car in the background in focus. Will experiment some more.

  3. Used the same general design, but a slightly different version of the photo. Oh, and drop shadows on the text.

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