Where is your Curly Beach?

I want to go to curly beach
And ride the curly sea
And paddle out beyond the reach
Of those who’d straighten me

I’ll take a little curly shell
And hold it to my ear
And when i hear the distant swell:
The gentle, distant magic bell
I’d know the coast is clear

Michael Leunig

I used to have this cartoon stuck up on my workstation, when I had one, as a constant reminder for me to resist the constraining power of the corporate world.  Not that I was escaping or rebelling, I just wanted to stay creative when the pressure to be linear and compliant was so strong.

I’m currently enjoying linking up with a few fellow surfers on the Curly Sea – books, films, musicals, trivia nights, decorating and landscaping are all bubbling along.

Stay Curly!

PS I’ve also got this cartoon on a T-shirt


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