Making Music

A recent competition on a local radio station invited bands “who never made it” to send in a video or recording of them playing.  You know, no young bands, no professional bands.

“Exhumed” attracted over 200 entries, including one from me.  I’ve been in bands for 25 years, off and on, although the last gig I played with the “guys” was in 2005.  We’d had a few mess-arounds in the last 6 months, without getting too serious.  Or serious at all.

So, I cut together some highlights of the gig in 2005, sent in the link, and . . . got nowhere.

It was fun to dream about playing at the winners’ gig with 9 other bands “of a certain age”, but it was not to be.

So, here we are:  Forty Odd Foot of Grumps, for one night only, on our Phone a Friend Tour.  The band and tour name reference Russell Crowe and an incident in a hotel, for those who can remember.




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