15 Civic Square

Just released yesterday is “15 Civic Square”.  While, it’s a new ebook, the three stories in it were previously published in Cracks in the Ceiling.

What the stories have in common is that they are set in the fictitious National Civic Bank.  I’ve got some more stories under development in the same setting, and these will be released as subequent books in tehe 15 Civic Square series.

“A Day at the Top” traces the inner thoughts and turmoil of the CEO of National Civic, while “The Tipping Competition” follows two close friends and co-workers through the chaos of a corporate restructure. Finally, “The Project” is the story of a customer who just can’t take it any more.

Obviously, if you’ve already bought Cracks in the Ceiling, don’t go and buy 15 Civic Square – you’ll just have to wait a while until the second book in the series – “Cake Knives Don’t Kill ‘ – comes out later in the year.

Available now for kindle and kindle apps (US, UK)