Writing Versus Counting

For much of my working life, I’ve spent my time counting.  Having worked in financial services, and qualified as an actuary at the tender age of 23, numbers and what they mean have been centre stage.  Not that words are unimportant, quite the opposite, because we create meaning for numbers by talking about them.

For the last year, I’ve spent my time with words to the exclusion of numbers.  It’s been fun – more than I imagined it would be – and two books are out in the world as a result.  They have covers, reviews, even some readers (although not many yet).  There is a draft novella and the first of a novelette series in beta reading.  I’m aiming to publish five new works of fiction this year, and one of non-fiction.

And that non-fiction work – the report of the Taliest 2012 Self Publishing Survey – is what is leading me back to numbers, spreadsheets and databases with a vengeance.  I’m loving wallowing around in the data 1,000 self-publishing authors have shared with us, looking for trends and patterns.  Who’s successful and why?  What is “success”?

This next week I will be in numbers land, and probably the next week as well.  But I needed to write down that I am missing words, and can’t wait to tell the story of the survey respondents, and to return to creating new stories of the imagination.

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