Reading in 2011

As the year draws to a close, and inspired by John Wiswell’s blog, it’s time to reflect on the best of the year’s reading.

A Land of Ash (ed David Dalgish) was the first thing I read on my new kindle.  A collection of short stories, set in an apocolyptic future involving Yellowstone “blowing” and the US being progressively covered in ash, and the world being plunged into a long term winter.  Most of the stories were compelling reading.  Gave me the idea of writing a themed collection of short stories.

Five Quarters of the Orange. (Joanne Harris)  Read this in hardcopy, and thoroughly enjoyed this quirky family saga, with its roots set in war time France.  From the author of Chocolat.

Without Warning (John Birmingham)  Part one in a trilogy, this is an epic saga based on an apocoplyptic premise.  Complex, well thought out and disturbingly believeable, I’m not reading the second book until I’ve recovered.  Recommended.

The Fifth Witness (Michael Connolly) Old fashioned thriller.  Fast paced, and skating the edge of believablility the way these things do. Lincoln Lawyer by the same author is probably better.  Lincoln Lawyer movie was pretty good.

Lethal People (John Locke) I had to find out what all the fuss is about.  I can see why people like these, but not my cup of tea.

The Dirty Parts of the Bible (Sam Torode) A Mark Twain-ish coming of age story set in the middle of last century. A good read.

A Scattered Life (Karen McQuestion) A well-crafted family drama following the lives of three women over a period of about a year.  Not really chic-lit, but won’t grab most blokes’ attention.

Hot Silver (Steven Lewis) Laugh out loud travel story of traversing Australia by train.

Cracks in the Ceiling (Yours Truly) A bit self-indulgent to include my own book in this list, but I read it so many times during the writing and editing process, it has to rate a mention on my 2011 list.

All the best for a literary 2012!

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