Christmas Cooking #5

The House

Last in the Christmas Cooking posts is the gingerbread house.  The baking of the sides of the house was trouble free, but the construction phase as not so smooth.  When it collapsed half way through, and one end wall hit the floor breaking into three pieces, I thought it was all over.

It managed to hang together in the end, but the decoration phase was a little rushed and so lacks the finesse of previous efforts.

The gingerbread itself, however, is delicious.

Christmas Cooking #4

Cool things

While we did enjoy a traditional Christmas Pudding, for something different to go with it, I made an icecream terrine.  One layer is store-bought chocolate icecream, although in this case there was milk and dark chocolate in the tub, so it was easy to get a great marbled effect.

The second layer was some vanilla icecream, with four mince pies chopped through it.  I took the tops off the pies to get the right amount of pastry in the mix, and it ends up with a lovely “cookies and cream” feel.  The two layers worked well together, with the taste of the mince pies blending well with the chocolate.

Christmas Cooking #3

Sweet Things

We had family over for lunch on Christmas Day, and I made this White Chirstmas Tree as a centre-piece for the second half of the meal.  An edible centre-piece, as you can see.

I used a cut down small topiary frame from the garden shop, then wrapped it in foil.  From there, it’s simple to glue mini-meringues (store bought) to the tree with royal icing (made with egg white and icing suger, it sets hard).  I added a few silver cachous for a bit of bling.

And here’s to the new camera, and the first shot with it!