Friday Flash Fiction #4


It was clear that the outplacement consultant was losing her patience with Bob.

“I know things are difficult for you after all this time.  But do you think your 25 years as an accountant qualify you to apply for a job as a jet-ski instructor?”

Bob wasn’t sure what he was enjoying more – imagining riding around on a jet-ski all day, or sparring with Susan.  He leant forward earnestly, his soft, lilly-white office worker hands clasped tightly together.

“Look, I’m really looking for something outdoorsy, and we haven’t made much progress in that direction yet.”  Last week’s “surfboard cutter” back through his mind.   She hadn’t liked that idea either.   Time to test Susan’s defences again.

“Susan, I’ve been researching on-line, and wondered if pony wrangler might be
a potential occupation?”

The way Susan looked at Bob confirmed that her last shreds of job satisfaction had been trampled under hoof.

“How about I take you out for lunch?” asked Bob.

Susan finally cracked.  “Why not?”

“Why not indeed!”

*                                               *                                        *

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