Friday Flash Fiction #3

The Holiday

Having survived DIY check-in, and 15 minutes in the “Quick Bag Drop” queue, things were going badly.

“I’m sorry, sir, it’s airline policy to use plastic pet-carriers”, said Brian from behind the counter.

I told Brian that after 3 phone calls, and 90 minutes of entertaining on-hold music, I’d been assured that the sturdy cardboard pet-carrier Fluffy was cowering in was indeed adequate.

Then he actually said “But he might get squashed!”  It seemed like the whole terminal fell silent at that very moment.

Didn’t look at the kids’ faces.  Didn’t need to. 

I was about to ask if he thought a palette of loose house bricks would be rattling around in the hold, but thought the better of it.

Instead, I quietly shared a few home truths with Brian, and then Fluffy was taken away to her uncertain fate.

The kids’ whimpering stopped soon enough.   After all, things were off to a better start than last holidays, when Tiddles met the wheels of a motorbike before the taxi arrived.

                                   *                              *                            *

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