Story in Focus – Lost

Lost started its life as an unsubmitted entry to the 2011 Maj Monologues competition in Perth. The theme was “Treachery and Lechery in in the 21st Century”, and this seemed to fit the idea I had in my head about the consequences of losing your iPod on the train.

The life of the commuter has always been about how to make the time pass as quickly as possible. The main option used to be reading a book or magazine, but now the range of options is endless – reading on a kindle, watching movies on your iPad, playing games on your phone.

For some people this is a casual, fun arrangement. But if you look around your train or bus, you will see people who are very fastidious with their entertainment rituals – everything is set out and plugged in just so, and they adopt an “I’m not here” expression on their faces as they escape to another place, far from the crowds and the pressures of the workday that is about to commence, or is being left behind.

Lost is the story of this escapist routine being shattered by the loss of the essential electronic device. Just how far would you go to get your iPod back?

Read Lost and find it and ten other short stories in Cracks in the Ceiling – available now!

And loved the iPod story – made me laugh during the middle of the night, during a night feeding!”


2 thoughts on “Story in Focus – Lost

  1. Good for you David!! You always knew how to balance life – now its a new direction that I am sure you will suceed in. I’ll be buying “Cracks in the Ceiling” for my iPad tonight!

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