Happy Birthday!

Writer O Henry

September 11 means something it didn’t eleven years ago.

Before then, it was the birthday of famous short story writer O. Henry.  This was the pen name of William Sydney Porter (1862-1910), and he wrote something like 300 short stories during his colourful life.

My love of O. Henry started when one of my English teachers wrote “That’s a great O Henry twist” as a comment at the end of one of my pieces in early high school.  I started reading his work to find out what exactly the comment meant, and quickly grew to love his use of language, and of course, his twisted endings.

Here’s a tribute to O Henry for those who want to read more. And here’s a link to the 1950s movie of five of his stories, O Henry’s Full House.

And as for my attempts at the twist ending, you can read “Lost”, “I Can Touch the Walls” and “The Tipping Competition” in Cracks in the Ceiling.

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