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As the writing process drew to a close, I had to turn my attention to the cover for the book.  After shipping my precious manuscript off to the editor (well, emailing it), I set about trying to describe the book so a designer could respond with a cover.  Finalising that description had to wait until the title was settled, which happened about half way through the editing process – but that’s another story.

A friend has used designcrowd.com for a bunch of design work, so that’s the road I
chose.  I posted the brief, set the budget, invited a few recommended designers, and then . . .waited, but not for long,  As it turned out, the wining deisgn came in on about day 2 of the 10 day project run.

I am thrilled with the winning entry, but not so impressed this time around with the number of entries, and the quality of the entries at large.  In the end, I had two great deigns to choose from, from two designers who had responded thoughtfully and imaginatively to the brief.  The other designs submitted I thought were superficial “quickies”, that didn’t really rank with the others.  Next time, I’ll frame the brief a little differently.

So, here’s the cover I’ve chosen.  It looks good as small and medium sized icons (for the ebook stores) and great full-size if I ever have the book printed.

2 thoughts on “On Covers

  1. Hi Dave. Looks good! I hope it sells well, and am looking forward to having a read. Re your design people, having been a designer for >25 years, I think I understand your problem. How does the designcrowd work? Are you basically asking lots of designers to submit really top notch design ideas to you, and then you choose one?
    I get it from your point of view, but from the designers’ points of view, they are doing real work, for free, until you choose the one you want. “Free pitching” is a really good way to get your name out there; but it’s also a very good way to lose money and time for no rewards. Anyway; I’m really glad yours turned out Right!

  2. It’s pretty much a contest, designers enter if they want, winner takes all. Great for me starting out, I guess the designers are all having a go to build their reputation. Next time I’m more likely to go straight to the guy who did the desgn I chose for this one.

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