Discovering music, discovering books

As a recent iPad purchaser, I’ve been reading forums and guides looking
for useful and fun apps to add to my collection.

One of my favourites is Aweditorium.

Now, I’m old enough to have browsed through vinyl album covers in record
shops, and to have enjoyed the ceremony of opening up an album cover, and reading the lyrics, checking out the photos and so on.

With Aweditorium, the screen is filled with a mosaic of photos of bands.
Like the look of one?  Tap on it, and you get an enlargement of the photo, some text about the band and their music playing.  Fancy another song by the band?  Tap here.  Like it enough to buy it?  Tap here, straight to itunes to buy it.

I’ve spent hours discovering new music with this app, and bought a number
of albums as a result.  
The experience is so much more enjoyable and engaging than the “other people also bought this” method on itunes.

And likewise, more enjoyable and engaging than that same approach on Amazon.

Got me thinking, what would the “book” version of Aweditorium look like?

Mosaic of book covers, tap for info, photo of the author, audio of someone reading the opening page, links to more works by the same author and click to buy or download a sample.  Throw in a customisable universe of browsing – say by genre – and you’ve got an experience that is much more like what we all love doing in a bookshop. So, there’s today’s idea for a new customer experience for buying ebooks given away for free.

We are only at the start of the technology-driven revolution in changing our shopping, reading and media experiences -a scary thought.  

Aweditorium is an imaginative insight into what is yet to come.

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